There are some people that God puts in your life for a reason and Sabreena is one of them for me. When I first met Sabreena I was pretty brand new to the wedding industry. I was working with my first two full coordination weddings and didn't have a go-to hair and makeup artist, so I was actively looking for someone that delivered not just an amazing result the bride was thrilled with, but the full service feel and experience of a professional. After a short introduction and a few hours creeping on her looks online, I felt confident I'd found the right one. A few years and multiple weddings, events and shoots together later - I've never questioned this decision.

I've learned a lot about Sabreena in the last few years. After graduating early from Mitchell High School she headed to LA for the top Makeup Academy in the states at the age of 17. Yes, 17. Now she's not even 30 but has over a decade of experience, from Orange County to Sioux Falls, working with brides, actresses and regular women like me looking for a little stress-free assistance for family photo sessions. She does hair, makeup and is a licensed tattoo artist being one of the first and only artists in Sioux Falls offering microblading services. The girl has got credentials. There's absolutely nothing I love more than a woman that makes no excuses and never ceases to continue improving themselves. In spite of any and all odds, Sabreena is kicking ass with over 41 weddings in 2017, too many to count in 2018 and currently booking for 2019. 

One thing I truly love about Sabreena is the conversation during our sessions. There's nothing worse than spending 2 hours with someone and having nothing to say. Having done multiple sessions with her myself, I can attest to an honest, real experience you can feel in what she says. Her life is her son, but her work is her passion, and you can feel both sitting in her chair. She starts simply with, "What are we thinking, have any inspo shots, what are you wearing, is there a theme?" A few simple answers, a quick look at a picture and she's off to work. The rest of her session doesn't feel like I'm about to get my world rocked when I look in the mirror and truly don't recognize the woman staring back at me, it feels like hanging out talking to a friend. 

I asked her what's one thing you wish brides knew on their wedding day, she said "The little things are just the little things. Often I see brides stress over every much so that they often forget to stop and let the important things sink in. Hug the family members that traveled in before the hustle and bustle starts, have a glass of champagne in silence in a bubble bath that morning, delegate tasks that are overwhelming to you. Breathe." The way she answered this question reiterated just how connected with reality she is. She takes no small thing for granted and feels the moments she lives in. Her happiness, her ambition, her dedication to herself and her family, they're beautiful qualities to see in one woman. They make her fun and easy to work with. She's truly a gift to have on-call. 

When I am on location for a wedding I am there all day. I see the venue before it's decorated, I see the bride before she's dressed, I see the family before they've had a chance to prepare; and I get to see all of it when it's done. Of all the transformations I see that day, there is none like watching a bride go from their every-other-day look to a professionally done bridal look. The smile, it kills me. I cry every time. I can't tell you how big of a stress reliever it is for brides to not have to worry about this transformation. From personal experience I can attest to Sabreena's advice, "One thing I find silly about so many individuals is their willingness to cut out services for themselves (on their big day) to fulfill the wants of others or to simply save a few bucks. This day is about you and yours, period. I urge you not to cut yourself short of having your hair done, your makeup done, your nails's not just about the aesthetic nature of what it will do to enhance your beauty, but the nature of what it will do to your soul." She's right. You don't just transform your look, you transform you entire day. There's nothing like the confidence a professional airbrush application can give you. You deserve that.

At my last session for my maternity shoot Sabreena let me in on a little secret of what's in store for her and guys, I can't say anything, but it's BIG. Don't stop watching. 

Hair and makeup in the images above done by Sabreena. Images above provided by Bethany Melvin Photography, Brittany Elizabeth Images and Madeline Mack Photography