What Matters: Style

Through an ironic twist of events, how all the best projects start, I had the opportunity to work with two local photographers to showcase how drastically different the same wedding can look based only on the style of the photographer. This styled shoot features all things non-traditional. A winter wedding, a tattooed bride in a black dress, a groom without a formal suit and the unassuming beauty of unkept farm structures aren't typically the first things you think of as a dream wedding, but there is so much beauty in the unfamiliar. 

Bethany Melvin Photography and Brittany Elizabeth Images came together one extremely frigid Monday along with Walker Down The Aisle and our models Nadiah and Trey and captured true beauty. I used a farm table and chairs from Ideal Weddings, all natural grasses instead of traditional floral from Elaborations, built the tablescape from gold and black staples and accented with on-trend geode pieces, some from our friends at Sticks & Steel. All contributing vendors and businesses are noted below. 

As a planner I see firsthand how difficult it can be to make the necessary decisions that determine which professionals will be involved in your wedding day. To make the decision, I tell couples to first answer:

1. Is the wedding vendor available?
2. Do you like their style and personality? 
3. Is this aspect of your wedding a top priority and are they in budget?

Often times couples make decisions out of order. Budgets are important, but shouldn't be the first deciding factor in your decision making process. The professionals you choose you will work with for the rest of your engagement, so liking who they are as a person shares equal importance with if you like their style or not. Check their social media pages and websites, read their reviews and if they pass those tests and offer free consultations, meet with them to figure out if the fit is right. You'll know within the first half hour if this is someone you want on your wedding team. 

Bethany Melvin Photography
Bethany's signature style is bright and airy. Scrolling down her feed you'll be hit with vibrant color and bold, eye-catching shots that showcase the beauty of natural lighting. The love on a wedding day is tangible in her shots. She made the winter boho, gothic, Game of Thrones vibe completely hers. Her reel was endless and some of my favorites include shots of the models' flirty smiles we saw so few of overall.

Brittany Elizabeth Images
Brittany's signature style is dark and moody. Each shot has an attitude of it's own. They feel like golden hour no matter when they are taken. She uses a variety of techniques to achieve the unique look in her shots and has an eye for capturing the details differently than many photographers traditionally do. I'll spend hours on an elaborate setup and Brittany can walk on set and take a stunning photo using 50 year old shag carpet and a model. 

Both Bethany and Brittany are amazing to work with. They have their own style, their own way of working the set and that command is exactly what you need on your wedding day. This shoot further proved to me just how vital the decision making process is in figuring out who you want to capture your wedding photos - the difference is nearly 100% based on personal style and completely up to you. Please reach out for any questions, comments, or thoughts on this amazing shoot! 

Wedding Vendors Involved
Walker Down The Aisle: Styling, Coordination & Design
Photographers: Bethany Melvin Photography, Brittany Elizabeth Images
Schmidt Family Farm: location
Ideal Weddings & Events: Farm table and chairs
Elaborations: dried floral arrangements
Sabreena Frances: Nadiah's Hair & Makeup
JH & Sons: Trey's outfits
Sticks & Steel: large geode pieces, rings, Nadiah's jewelry
b.Invited: stationary suite
Hannah Naasz: cutting cake
Nicole Miller: Nadiah's dress